Omega Energy are specialists at installing external wall insulation (EWI). We are passionate about EWI and the benefits that it provides to our customers.

As well as helping to save energy on your fuel bills, external wall insulation (which is also referred to as solid wall insulation, insulated render or insulation cladding), helps to prevent penetrating damp problems, can provide a facelift to homes and can also help to substantially increase the value of your home.

What does external wall insulation involve? 

External solid wall insulation involves adding a layer of insulating material to the outside walls of a building and coating this insulation with a protective render. There are lots of options to create the finish that you want, including hundreds of render colours to choose from, as well as decorative features such as brick slips, timber cladding etc.

External Wall Insulation

How is External Wall Insulation installed?

The installation of EWI is quite complex and most installations require a lot of skilled labour including qualified electricians, heating engineers, carpenters and plasterers. It is also sometimes necessary to extend roofs and carry out other remedial work to a property before the insulation cladding can be installed.

This short video helps to explain how External Wall Insulation is installed.

If installed professionally, External Wall Insulation can be the best energy saving measure available.

A cut-away model of external solid wall insulation

1 | Insulation board (next to brickwork)

The insulation board can be attached to the external wall either with an adhesive or mechanical fixings (or preferably both together).

2 | Middle section (grey render and mesh)

The mesh which is embedded between two layers of render, adds strength and rigidity.

3 | Top layer (colour of your choice)

A final coating of render is applied to give the wall the required appearance. Most customers choose through-coloured silicone render which doesn’t require painting.

4 | Window sill

We normally need to extend external fixtures and fittings (eg pipework, electrical cables, satellite dishesetc) before we can install the EWI. We also fit new window sills where required.

5 | Window and frame

We always try and insulate the window reveals (where possible) to minimise heat loss.

Advantages of External Solid Wall Insulation:

  • EWI will make your home more energy efficient – save an average of 45% on your fuel bills.
  • EWI can increase the value of your home (by an average of 14%) by increasing the energy efficiency of your property and also by improving its ‘kerb appeal’.
  • EWI is maintenance free – there is no need to paint silicone render.
  • EWI will prevent any penetrating damp problems in your home.
  • EWI can help to reduce condensation and mould problems.
  • EWI will improve the draught proofing of your property.
  • EWI will Increase the lifespan of your brickwork.
  • EWI will help to reduce external noise pollution levels.
  • EWI will help to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from your home, thereby helping the environment.

Funding for External Wall Insulation

We currently have access to partial funding to help towards the cost of External Wall Insulation. The amount of funding is based on the energy efficiency of your property, whether anybody in your property receives any tax credits or benefits; and also on the Council area that you live in.

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